Frequently Asked Questions about Admissions

What ages does Christian Family Montessori serve?

CFMS serves children from age 2 1/2 through 8th grade. 

Our admissions process prioritizes children between the ages of 2.5 and 4. Children must be able to use the bathroom independently and is able to leave the primary adult without difficulty is eligible for admission to the Primary class.

Children five years and older are admitted on a very limited basis, with priority given to children who have previously been enrolled in a Montessori school. For children wishing to join the Elementary Program, 1st and 4th grade are the most likely points of entry, as space is available. Our Adolescent Program entry point is at 7th Grade, with priority given to children who have previous Montessori experience.  

What are the hours of the school day?

CFMS has two Primary (ages 2 1/2-6) classrooms serving families with different needs, a Lower Elementary (1st-3rd grades) and an Upper Elementary (4th-6th Grade).
Traditional Primary:  8:30-11:45 for children 2 1/2-4 8:30-3 for children 4-6

All Day Primary: 8:00-5:30 for all children (Children are typically picked up as their parents get off work anytime between 3:30-5:30)


Lower and Upper Elementary : 8:30-3:00  (BEFORE CARE Available 8:00-8:30. 

Elementary Extended Care  3:00-5:30)

Do you have before and after-care?

Before care is available for children in Traditional Primary and Lower and Upper Elementary starting at 8:00 am on a daily fee basis. More information about before and after care services can be found here.

What will my child learn at Christian Family Montessori?

Our students develop skills in reading, writing, math, geography, science, music, and art. They also gain self-reliance and self-discipline. They learn to respect their environment and each other. More importantly, they experience the joy of learning. Please visit our curriculum pages for more information on what the primary and elementary program can offer your child.

For a description of the primary class curriculum, click here. More information about the elementary class curriculum can be found here

Does my child have to be toilet trained?

Children must be independent in the bathroom. To be ready for admission, a child must be at least 2.5 years old and have developed a regular awareness of when and how to use the toilet, therefore no longer needing protective undergarments or having accidents on a regular basis. They must also be fully able to care for themselves in the bathroom, including the ability to wipe themselves and change their own clothes independently.

Do you provide lunch?

No. Children who stay at CFMS for lunch need to bring a lunch with them. Lunches should contain non-perishable foods, as Christian Family Montessori is unable to provide refrigeration or re-heating for student lunches.

Do you provide snacks?

In the primary classes, snack is available in the morning. Parents provide snack for the entire class on a rotating basis. In the elementary classes, children are free to bring a daily snack as desired.

What is the teacher/student ratio?

The Primary classes are able to accommodate up to 26 students, each with a Montessori trained teacher and an assistant. In addition, the primary classes share a catechist each morning. The Elementary classes range in size from 20-35 students, each with one Montessori-trained teacher. Each elementary class has an assistant if enrollment necessitates it.

How does your school inform parents of their child's progress?

Each fall and spring, parents have the opportunity to observe in their child's classroom. There are two parent-teacher conferences during the year where you will receive a written progress report. Informal communication is encouraged and occurs through written notes, phone calls, and one-on-one meetings.

Will my child be able to adjust to a traditional school after this one?

While each child is unique, most children who have completed a Montessori program can adapt to a traditional, teacher-directed classroom fairly quickly. Montessori children are curious, confident, enthusiastic students who want to learn. Our students go on to a variety of public and private middle schools with a sharpened ability to concentrate and investigate, and will have a solid foundation for continued learning and development.

What opportunities exist for parental involvement in the school?

Parent involvement is a critical factor in a child's successful experience in their school. We strongly encourage parent involvement through parent-teacher conferences, classroom observations, parent education nights, and participation in schoolwide events. Annual events include a two school picnics, an elementary camping retreat, three liturgy ceremonies, the silent auction and gala dinner, and student-led talent showcases such as the Spring Sing Fundraiser.

What is the parent co-op and why does it exist?

The parent co-op has been an integral part of CFMS since it was founded and it exists to help keep tuition rates low by keeping operational costs down, as well as to build a spirit of community among our families by deepening parent's sense of ownership and involvement in the school.

Who runs the school?

Keely Boomhower, the Head of  School manages the daily operations. Kristi Medley, the Director of Student Support, also manages the admissions. Jan Deason, the Director of Faculty Support, oversees the implementation of Montessori Curriculum. The Board of Directors concentrates on setting financial and strategic policy and providing oversight and guidance to the school.

What is the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is the guardian of the school's mission. The Board is composed of both parents and community members who serve a two-year term. Under CFMS's by-laws, the Board is legally empowered and mandated to manage the business and affairs of CFMS. The Board meets monthly to establish policies, goals, and the budget for CFMS. The Board also delegates authority to the Director to accomplish the school's goals. Currently there are ten Board members. Parents with expertise in various areas are encouraged to join a Board committee and/or to run for a board seat. The position of Board member is a CFMS coop job.

For a list of the current board members, click here.