Parent Cooperative

Since its inception, parents have had an active role in the life of CFMS. CFMS is operated, under the direction of the Board of Directors, by the parents of the children enrolled in the school. One of the many ways that parents participate in the life of the school is through the Parent Co-operative or co-op. The co-op exists to build a spirit of community among the families in the school, deepen parents' sense of ownership in the school, and keep tuition rates low by keeping costs down. The co-op also gives children the opportunity to see their whole family as an integral part of the school.

Much of the work involved in keeping the school going is done, not by paid staff, but by volunteer labor contributed by parents, relatives, and friends. Upon enrolling their child, each parent makes the commitment to take on a co-op job each year or "buy-out" of the co-op for $1,000 per parent. Most parents opt to perform a coop job for the school rather than "buying-out." Co-op jobs include staffing the library, cleaning the classrooms, serving on the Board, supervising lunch and recess, and coordinating fund-raisers. To see a list of current co-op jobs, click here.