CFMS Annual Fund

FAQs about the CFMS Annual Fund

What is the CFMS Annual Fund?

The CFMS Annual Fund is our School's leading fundraising initiative. Gifts to our Annual Fund are current-use, unrestricted dollars that directly support our mission each year and sustain our annual operating budget. Contributions received through the Annual Fund do not provide "extra money" for the School - it is built into our budget and therefore, we rely on community support to make up the difference. 

Why does CFMS have an Annual Fund?

The tuition and fees at CFMS do not fully cover the true cost of educating a student and as a result, we are challenged with bridging this gap. The Annual Fund is critical to the ongoing success and financial stability of Christian Family Montessori School and sustains programs and activities not covered by tuition. 100% of funds are deployed in the current fiscal year and allows us to make ends meet in operating budget. 

How will the money raised through the Annual Fund be used?

Gifts to the Annual Fund support:

Why doesn't the School just raise the tuition to cover the difference? 

While we adjust our tuition each year, we try to keep our tuition low to remain true to our School’s mission and remain affordable and accessible to a diverse community. 

Why is 100% participation so important?

Each year, CFMS strives for 100% participation from our Board of Directors and our parent community. Every gift and every dollar counts towards our participation goal of 100% and shows a collective strength and investment in our mission and community.

Additionally, parent participation can often be a measure of commitment to inform outside funding, which includes opportunities for grants and major gift projects. Participation often inspires others to give, so we encourage our current families to make meaningful commitments to CFMS.

Who else supports the CFMS Annual Fund? 

Each year, former parents, alumni, faculty, staff, grandparents, and loved ones give in support of the Annual Fund. 

How do I know how much to give?

All gifts count towards our goal of $133,800 for the 2023-24 Fiscal Year. Gifts to the Annual Fund range from $10 - $10,000+ and every dollar impacts our students' experience at CFMS. All contributions are kept confidential.

I can’t give very much. Will my donation make a difference?

Yes! We are so grateful for each and every generous contribution to the School, regardless of size.