Anti-Bias Anti-Racism Commitment

CFMS: A Welcoming and Inclusive Montessori School

Christian Family Montessori School (CFMS) is an inclusive, affirming school and community committed to providing a high quality and thoughtful Montessori education grounded in the principles of inclusivity, equity, and social justice. CFMS is committed to creating a diverse educational community that welcomes families with different racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds and affirms and welcomes children and families with diverse sexual orientation, gender identities and expression.

At CFMS we celebrate the unique identities of all our students, family members, faculty, staff, and neighbors and know that these differences contribute to our shared values as a community. And we encourage each other to talk openly about the differences around us as we support ways to address social inequities and combat bias inside and outside of our school.

CFMS recognizes that racism, bias, and privilege exist in our school and broader community. We are committed to proactively transforming our environment—promoting values of awareness, kindness, and inclusivity for our students—and supporting their path to positively impact our broader community. We are committed to recognizing the impact of racism and privilege in our lives, our school, and the systems we create and support, and contribute to dismantling systemic and institutional oppression in all forms.

ABAR Committee

The CFMS Anti-Bias/Anti-Racism Committee works to incorporate CFMS's commitment to being anti-bias and anti-racist into the school's broader mission and daily life. Our goal is to promote, through both institutional change effort and awareness building, a welcoming and inclusive school and community.

We welcome parents, staff, and members of the wider CFMS community to contribute to this work.