2023-24 COVID-19 Information and Resources

September 2023

We have been watching the rates of COVID-19 in the DMV region recently increase.  This is likely due to summer travel as well as waning immunity.  At this time we expect that the virus will likely continue to follow an endemic pattern with seasonal variation.  Our COVID-19 recommendations are as follows:

If students experience any of the following, they should stay home and obtain a rapid antigen test or a PCR test:

A. If a rapid or PCR test is positive, then the child should remain home for 5 days and be fever-free without the use of medications prior to return.  They can return to school and should mask until day 10.

B. If fever remains after 5 days, or if symptoms are not improving, isolation should be extended until 10 days.

C. If your child has one of the above symptoms, and has a negative rapid antigen test, a repeat antigen test or a PCR should be performed prior to return to school once symptoms improve.

D. We do not recommend routine screening with antigen tests; however, if your child had a high-risk exposure to COVID (on a playdate, a family member with COVID, etc), we recommend antigen testing on day 5 after exposure.  If asymptomatic, your child may attend school while masked until day 5 when testing occurs.

Please know that the Health and Safety Committee will review any new data or changes in real time and these recommendations are subject to change.